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FAQ's, Prop Lists & Referrals

Whether you still have a few questions about classical pilates you'd like answered, you're interested in ordering some props or you're curious about other referrals Sara has recommended, this page should help answer you if not please message me directly!
  • What do I need?
    -You and a Mat. Ideally a mat 4mm thick versus just a yoga mat since there is rolling on your spine. If you have a yoga mat on carpet that should be ok. Or even a few beach towels for your first class is plenty to lay on instead of rushing to the store! -If a class lists props you will need they will usually consist of: small weights(canned goods or water bottles will do), Magic Circle, TheraBand, chair/stool, wooden pole/broomstick, wall. *You can find the small lbs, magic circle and TheraBands listed below under Props Tab, if you'd want to give them a try!
  • Who is Pilates good for?
    -EVERY BODY & EVERYBODY!! All body types, ages and levels are welcome! Truly from young athletes, construction workers, stay-at-home parents, teachers, corporate workers, elders...all the above and more! Pilates is truly the most accessible way to get moving, all you need is you and a mat!
  • How can Pilates help me?
    -The main focus for Pilates is to help your body work more efficiently. Finding what your body needs and working consistently in each exercise to help the small muscles aid the bigger ones, whether you could use some help with Strength, Stretch, Stamina, Stability, Core Strength, Posture, Body Awareness, Breathe, Flexibility, Range of Motion, Injury Prevention, Body Maintenance...Pilates can help with it all!
  • What is the difference between Classical Pilates & Modern/Contemporary Pilates?
    -Classical Pilates is based off of Contrology (what Joseph Pilates referred to his method as) where we use the exact order of exercises he prescribed. Contemporary Pilates has morphed and changed over time along with some of the equipment whereas Classical has kept his equipment and mat to his original specifications because it still works.

Prop List to help advance your at home experience:

Most of these links will send you directly to Amazon but you can also find a lot of these now at Target or at your local sporting goods store...


Magic Circle

Joseph Pilates used this back in the day but a metal version. You'll soon have a love/hate relationship with this prop since there is NO cheating, it will quickly help you connect to your powerhouse and find muscles you didn't even know you had!


Foam Roller

I would suggest 36 inches, you want to be able to lay your spine on it. We will be able to use the roller for self massage but also to simulate some reformer, tower & barrel work! Lighter roller is easier to balance(beginner) than the dense/harder colors (more advanced).

aeropilates reformer.jpg

Portable Reformer

This portable reformer is a great price point to see if this is something that will work for you and your space. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, there are ways to make this a more classical reformer set up depending on your preferences.


Small Weights

Feel free to even grab water bottles or cans from the pantry if that's easier, they usually list the oz at the bottom. For Pilates we suggest between 1-3 lbs. they can be utlilized to challenge your mat work, wall work and some standing arm work!


Pinky Ball

We will be able to use these for self massage and some TLC more specifically footwork. These are the most portable way to mimic some of the foot corrector exercises and the footwork from the reformer. We spend hours on our feet let's help them connect and stengthen.

Aeropilates Box & Pole.jpg

Short Box & Pole

The added box and pole help for a more full reformer workout as well as on the mat. You start to focus more on movement and posture in a more dynamic way. Challenge your spine in every directions possible controlling your full range of motion at difference angles. 



You will see different colors options, I would suggest to go with the Theraband Brand since they have better quality. Lighter resistance for arms(yellow/red) and heavier for legs(green/blue). They're a great way to simulate the spring/tower work!



These have recently become more popular and have found their way into some Pilates mat work to challenge your midline and connecting your limbs to your powerhouse in a more intermediate way. Also, easier than tying knots in your therabands for some of the sidekick legwork fun :P 

yes4all spine correctoer.jpg

Spine Corrector

This is a great apparatus to add to your mat work to help take your spine in new variations and restore it's natural curves. You get help with posture as well as more challenge to some of the exercises you already know but in new and exciting variations!

Friends and Fellow Instructor Referrals:


MaryAnngeline Medenas

Yoga Instructor

Movement by MaryAnngeline 

E-RYT 500 & M.F.A in DANCE 

A yoga studio for any person interested in learning more about their body by cultivating awareness through movement, breath and creativity. This space serves all levels of practice, from basic to the advanced mover. Try free for 7 days.


Sierra Kellogg

Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Nutrition Coach

Sierra found a love of movement through her background in dance. She attended Walnut Hill School for the Arts and Boston Conservatory for dance before heading back to the West Coast where she became a certified personal trainer in 2012 and completed her yoga teacher training in 2015. She loves helping clients on their unique health and wellness path.  She believes that health is a product of regular exercise, good nutrition and mental/emotional well being. As you work with Sierra she will help you to identify and change behaviors empowering you to reach your personal health and wellness goals. Sierra completed a certification in Nutrition through Precision Nutrition in 2018 in order to better help clients learn how food affects our bodies and work with them to build healthy nutritional habits. She completed her AA in psychology in 2018, BA in Psychology at CSULB in 2019, and is currently pursuing a masters in marriage, family therapy at USF. 


Kami Jackson

Independent Health Coach

Like millions of Americans, I was overweight and suffered as a result. After years of making excuses and trying just about every weight loss program, I gave up and accepted the fact that I would be overweight for the rest of my life until I started developing health problems. 


At the same time, I noticed that my teenage daughter had picked up my bad eating habits so I decided that I had to make a conscious effort to change the path for both of us. 


I started the Optavia Program. The program not only helped me to lose weight, but it taught me better eating habits and more importantly,  it taught me how to break the cycle of bad habits that led to my overeating.  After achieving major weight loss and learning to live a healthier lifestyle,  I decided that I wanted to become an Independent, Certified Optavia Coach to help others reach their Optimal Health.


Kūlia i ka nu’u - Strive to reach the highest ~ Queen Kapi’olani

LSeligman1-WEB USE-1.jpeg

Lucy Seligman

Empowering You to Unlock the Best Version of Yourself

When living in Japan in my 20s, I suddenly found myself with a paralyzing fear of flying. Given that my family was in the US, I knew I had to take action. I met with a hypnotherapist and after one week, the fear had subsided and I was able to fly again.

Little did I know this would be a fixed point of time in my life as I would eventually circle back to become a certified hypnotherapist myself.

Through the HCH Hypnotherapy Institute, I developed skills in gaining rapport, listening and observation, and guiding clients in relaxation techniques, guided visualization, meditation techniques, stress management and mind-body pain management.

I also have additional trainings and certifications including: Certificate in Stress Management, Medical Hypnotherapy Certification, Energy Therapy Certification, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Sandplay Training, Energy Boundaries & Chakra Clearing, and Ericksonian Pain Management.

I am also a Reiki Master, published author, and Founder of

Not one to stop there, though, I also graduated with a life coach certification from the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching academy.

When it comes to living your best life, it’s essential that your mind, body, and spirit flow in harmony with one another – this is why I offer Zen Coaching services.

Wellness Products I use daily:


Seacret Products

I often have clients ask me what products I use for myself. I recently found this company and fully beleive in their philosopy and amazing products. I use their shakes, wellness products and skin care products!

Melaleuca Products

I grew up using the cleaning products in the house since my mom has always been a believer in natural supplements/products as well as them being good for the environment. I currently use their Performance Peak vitamins as well as their toothpaste, chapstick, the home care & cleaning products.

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