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Sara Vincent

Power Pilates Classical Certified Instructor, 2013

Power Pilates Teacher Trainer, 2022

Welcome to Sara Vincent Virtual Pilates! My name is Sara and I can't wait to share my love for pilates with you and be a part of your journey. I have been so blessed to have pilates in my life since 2013, it came to me at a time where I couldn't have needed it more. After 20+ years of intense dance training and I was suffering from chronic pain that had landed me at a desk job to give my body a break...Sadly the break from dancing and moving didn't make my body any better and my heart ached to move instead of being stuck sitting at a desk all day. Pilates was the first thing that I found my body thoroughly enjoyed and felt stronger and more connected than I had in my 20+ years as a dancer. I could quickly trust my body to do things I never would have before. I was addicted, I wanted to share this secret I had found with everyone I met. Moving should be good, it is what our bodies are meant to do...this was my answer.

This realization projected me on my journey to get certified, then lead to a career shift I desperately needed. I started Comprehensive Training with Power Pilates in Southern California and completed my last few hours back home in SF Bay Area. Since being certified in 2014 I have worked at multiple different studio settings and clients ranging from 10-98 years old, extreme athletes to construction workers and full time moms.


Pilates is truly built for ANY body, ANY time and ANY where. Have aches or pains, want to be able to get on the floor with your grandkids, or to be able to have proper posture and out live the simple wears and tares of life? The answer simply is PILATES. Why do you brush your teeth every day? To care for your teeth, why should you do care for you… help your mind and body to communicate and function more efficiently.

Sara is so excited to announce she's continured her training to the next level and is now a Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates, NYC. She's now helping to train and certify the next generation of pilates instructors!

To see a full list of Sara's Certifications and Certificates through Power Pilates scroll to the end of this page for more info!

What does this course offer?

Two options-LIVE training or OnDemand Videos

I would love to be the one to introduce you to what Pilates can truly offer. The reason I am creating this onDemand style website so you could set your own program to progress at your own pace. If your schedule is as unpredictable as mine I never seem to have the same time open each week to commit to my own TLC, I needed something for all access, anytime I could stop, drop and do my mat! Some days I have more time for a full workout, other times I need to focus more on refueling my body after a long day or I only have a few minutes for a quick pick-me-up! 


This program has it all, you do what is best for you...whether that means purchasing a video to have on hand or being part of the monthly subscription to mix up your Pilates regiment with all access to videos and programs. I also offer a LIVE workout option where I can view your technique and help correct and cue you according to your bodies needs, then you can go back to the video sessions and take the things we focused along with you to your next workout. Or if you want a group class to have more bodies to commiserate during class with and to feed off each others energy we have that option too! If you have an injury you're recovering from, if you haven't done any conscious movement in years, or if you need something to cross train and prevent injuries PILATES IS THE ANSWER.

Click the SVVP Live or OnDemand tabs above for more information on both or sign up for a LIVE private, duet or group class with Sara directly at:

“In 10 sessions you’ll FEEL the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll SEE a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole NEW BODY.”  ~Joseph Pilates



Hear what clients have to say about their experience working with Sara...
How has Pilates benefited you personally?
What is the biggest benefit you've noticed?
  • I feel stronger, more energized and happy.

  • I have noticed that I am more flexible and do not have as many sciatica issues. I also just feel good that I am doing something for my body.

  • I began Pilates almost 15 years ago and it has helped me maintain flexibility, strength and gain a much deeper understanding of body mechanics. These have helped me overcome physical changes as I’ve aged and also recover more quickly from injuries.

  • Pilates has benefited me personally because it has made me a better dancer and I am able to do Pilates aside from my regular classes to provide me extra conditioning. I have felt that it has helped me as a dancer to be more in touch with my core muscles and lengthen my body instead of tensing up my muscles.

What do you wish you would have known about Pilates before you started?
  • How great it was!

  • Even older adults can benefit.

  • I wish I would have known that Pilates can be as simple or as challenging as you make it. In other words, Pilates is challenging and beneficial even without any equipment and it is interesting how you can layer on equipment and different exercises to target certain aspects of the body. I also did not know how beneficial it can be to your posture and how much better it can feel on the body compared to other forms of exercise which can have harsher physical impact.

In your opinion, how has your experience been with Sara as your instructor?
  • She makes them feel comfortable no matter where they are at in their journey, and she encourages them to be the best “them” they can be.

  • Sara understands the complexities and uniqueness of a client’s physical well being and with that knowledge builds a workout that is individualized, challenging and motivating.

  • In my opinion, Sara makes things better for people because she is very encouraging. She meets you where you are at and pushes you in a great way from there. She is bubbly and is inviting. Sara is great at personalizing Pilates to each of her clients. She takes their goals, body type, and level into account so she knows how to best teach and better you. Sara is very accommodating and she pays very close attention to detail. For example, if you are injured she keeps that in mind, if you want to work on something specific she is sure to incorporate it, and she is also very flexible with her schedule.

How has shifting your pilates practice to virtual effected your experience?
  • I have finally been able to take class! For multiple reasons, but virtual class has made it easier for me to take the time to commit to it since I don’t have to take the extra time to drive to a studio. She is so attentive to the screen that it’s like she is there with you in person, acutely aware of your body.

  • It remains as positive as it was when I was coming to the studio!

  • I have only done virtual, but I like it. Ease of attendance & support of other class mates

  • I believe that it can be more challenging when practicing Pilates without an instructor to self correct. I often have to ask myself to have my eyes open and correct myself as Sara would. Online it can be challenging to make corrections as you are not having someone physically correct you but, it is a good challenge to become more self aware in your body.

Sara's Certifications & Continuing Education Certifications with Power Pilates, NYC:

  • Core Mat 1, 2013

  • Core Mat 2, 2013

  • Comprehensive Program, 2013

  • Pilates For Senior, 2016

  • Advanced Tower System, 2016

  • Core Mat 1 (Review), 2019

  • All Barrell Review, 2019

  • Advanced Reformer Workshop with Bob Liekens, 2019

  • Beyond Basics of Anatomy, 2019

  • Basics of Anatomy, 2019

  • Open Mat Class, 2020

  • Challenge Support: How To Teach Open Level Mat Class, 2020

  • How To Format a 1 Hour Wunda Chair Session. 2020

  • Arm/Baby Chair Basics, 2020

  • Reformer On The Mat, 2020

  • Jumpboard, 2020

  • Advanced Mat Review(Flow & Transitions), 2020

  • Teaching Online & Remote Classes, 2020

  • Foam Roller Workshop, 2020

  • Wunda Chair Progressions, 2020

  • Assessing Progressions, 2020

  • How To Teach Clients with Osteoperosis, 2020

  • Mat with Theraband, 2020

  • A Candid Conversation about Diversity in Pilates, 2021

  • Why The Order, 2021

  • Back To Basics-The Heart and Soul of the Method, 2021

  • Pilates for Tweens & Teens, 2021

  • People Lie, but Bodies Don't, 2021

  • Super Advanced Mat Review, 2021

  • Teacher Trainer Enhancement, 2021

  • 2022 Certifications will be posted soon!

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