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MARCH MATNESS- What’s it all about?

Hello movers!

Can’t believe it’s already March, which in the pilates world means…it’s March “MAT”-ness!

In the past few years, especially during quarantine and the growth of social media, things really exploded for #MarchMatness. I myself started doing it back in 2018, and I have to say it has been a crazy ride each year, seeing how I have progressed by looking at past videos or pictures I posted and seeing what a year has done! Taking time in March each year to focus on the original “Contrology” aka Pilates Mat order Joseph Pilates himself put together is a very personal journey if you let it be. You can take time and read his book “Return to Life” which explains in detail each exercise in his own words, going back to where it all came from.

Benjamin Degenhardt, founder of 360pilates, was the first to really get this concept started back in 2012, feel free to read more about the details by clicking March Matness, it has truly become a worldwide event! By following hashtags for each exercise and knowing that today, all over the world, others are doing the SAME exercise as you truly makes you part of an awesome community! Plus, for our fellow pilates nerds, you are literally helping Joe’s work continue on to future generations, as you tag and post your journey or even just in conversation you help spread the knowledge of how Pilates started and what it even is.

For myself, I use it as a reminder of why I do what I do. Logging my own progress and reminding myself Pilates isn’t an end destination, each time you hop on the mat your body is in a different place-literally and figuratively. The mat work helps you tune in and become your compass throughout your pilates journey. No springs or apparatus to help, just you and your powerhouse. After spending much more consistent time doing mat since working from home, I can truly say- when I am not consistent about my practice I feel lost, or at least off kilter. Once I stop, drop and take a moment on the mat-even if it’s just 5 minutes, I feel more like myself and in my body than I would have thought, it’s insane! Also, fun fact- my clients who have shifted to more at home classes and a consistent mat regiment with me have progressed in ways I hadn’t expected, this method truly works.

Join us for March Matness, whether you’re a newbie, someone who’s taken a break for a while or a seasoned mover, you won’t regret it! Each day you get to dig deeper and focus a bit more on an exercise you may have just done on autopilot or lost what it’s true purpose is…use this month to rejuvenate your practice. Reconnect to the foundation of the method, Joe wrote his book to get it to all ends of the earth. He truly felt with these prescribed exercises you could find the zest and pleasure for life we are all lacking-now you can decide for yourself!

Here is the order from March Matness's page for you...feel free to join in on the hashtags and post your own journey or search online to see what people are posting. If there is an exercise that you don’t know, reach out and I can help! March Matness is not about doing the exercises perfectly or who does them “better” . Maybe try and just congratulate yourself for doing them at all! Make it your goal to just do the best version you can with whatever that day brings, that is the point of the matwork afterall, it’s your journey! Feel free to find the exercises on youtube now, we are in a whole new generation where you can find so much online, when I first got certified there wasn’t much out there…now there is no excuse! (Unless it was blocked recently by you know who…but that is a whole different blog post for another day.)

I am adding more Mat Group (open level) classes to my schedule this month to help celebrate. There are both 30 minutes and 55 minutes group classes available at varying days and times so check out my schedule and join in on the March Matness fun together! I have some seasoned movers, some aging movers, some young and inspired movers along with fellow newbies just like you. I make sure everyone gets moving and is challenged at their own pace during class. Let’s learn along with each other and find new ways to connect and strengthen our bodies with this one common focus, “Movement Heals” as Joe would say. Use the code MM2023 when you are checking out for a special one time 15% discount!

Hope to see you on the mat!! Happy March MATness everyone! Make this journey yours :) Each year it may look different, I had years where I had to come back to exercises later when my Crohn’s wasn’t flaring and do the rest in April or even May but deep down it was rewarding to challenge myself and know I still finished my march matness whether it was late or not, for me it was the fact that I could even do it at all! I encourage you to find your own way to help pilates cater to your needs and help gain the benefits of the method. #marchmatness2023 see you on the mat, let the countdown begin! I will be posting @saravincentvirtualpilates if you want to follow along..each year I try to find a new theme or focus for my posts..wonder what it will be this year?? Guess I better get to thinking :P

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