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Why Power Pilates?

Picking where you get your Pilates Certification from has to be a personal choice, I was so grateful I found Power Pilates when I did.

Somehow I just lucked out that when I looked up a classical certification program in my area, Southern Ca at the time, that Power Pilates had one coming up in a few weeks! It was just one of those moments where things fell into place and I knew I had to follow through. I'd had friends get certified through BASI with a focus in Dance, which as a dancer would have seemed like a no brainer from the outside, but I knew I needed to follow the Classical route for me personally.

I had no idea what to expect before the first Core Mat weekend, you were told to know the Beginner Mat order and review anatomy, as well as the beginner exercises in your practice. After our introductions, it's was straight to the mat workout, after that we received our own Power Pilates Beginner Mat Manuals, that's when it truly hit me! I was going to be a certified Mat Pilates instructor after this weekend...if I passed that is! This weekend pushed me to find a part of myself I didn't know I needed, somewhere throughout the process of learning how to teach the exercises and get the bodies moving, I found my own voice. I had taught dance before but this was completely different, we were instructed on how to use our voice, how to get rid of our filler words, how to be the most concise and accurate with our teaching. I found confidence the more I practiced this. It was NOT easy at all and you had to be 100% dialed in and aware of how you were presenting yourself as the instructor. This is the make or break it weekend, throughout the process you really get pushed to your fullest potential and figure out how if this is the right career for you.

As I progressed through the Intermediate weekend and into the Comprehensive weekends, the certification process is layered in an intense but achievable way. I felt constantly inspired and challenged throughout the certification test outs and weekends. I knew by the final weekend I would be proud to be a Power Pilates Instructor. From all the studying and hours of teaching, observing and doing the exercises, practicing with fellow apprentices plus teaching Mat at real pilates studios in the area, once I got that certificate I would know I had EARNED every bit of it.

I just recently went through the process to become a Power Pilates Teacher Trainer myself and am just finishing the last few hours of it. After having such fond memories of every trainer I worked with I felt inspired to try become one myself and help build the next generation of Power Pilates Instructors. The Teacher Trainer process is every bit as intense as the Instructor process and more. I am inspired with every Continuing Education Course I've had and the continued process of constantly learning and challenging myself within what Power Pilates has to offer. I am grateful for how systematic and integrative their approach is as well as the caliber they expect from their teachers and trainers.

I am grateful for my journey with Power Pilates so far and excited for what the next phase as a Teacher Trainer will entail! Stay tuned! For more information about Power Pilates or to find a training site near you please visit

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