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How did I find Pilates?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I had been dancing intensely for over 20+ years, having recently graduated from CSUF as a dance major and then still dancing at Disneyland, my body was in constant pain.

As a dancer you just always push through it, my love of dance always outweighed the pain, until I couldn't anymore...tears running down my face while performing at the "Happiest Place On Earth" was where it finally hit me...this can't be the end of my dance career can it!? I am bringing so much joy to these parade goers, how can it hurt so much... I knew there had to be a way, I had worked with a few PT's but nothing seemed to help long term.

I decided to step back from dancing and only kept with one dance company, rehearsing a few hours a week, took an admin job where I would be behind a desk and resting my body. Somehow to pain got worse with rest, after wandering around on my lunch break to find a new spot to eat I happened to look up an see Core Arts Pilates, somehow I took it as a sign. I had a few friends that had recently got certified and swore by it, I knew at this point it couldn't make me in more paint thanI was already in.

I meet Sharmila Mitra in 2011-2012 ish and I was able to schedule 30minute sessions so I could sneak out of the office rush and change and take class in time to get back and eat lunch at my desk. I had hope, finally. I could feel my body loving Pilates, I started to feel like I could trust it to dance again, that I could

do things in my life without as much pain. I started to add more pilates classes both groups and privates even though I wasn't making much money at the time it was worth EVERY penny. It became a non-negotiable for me.

I had never truly thought about it until Sharmila asked one day, "Would you ever consider thinking of teaching Pilates? I can tell you don't reaaaally want to rush back to the office..." I honestly didn't know if I even had what it took but the fact that she could see the potential in me was mind-blowing. I started researching Classical Pilates Certification near me, in Orange County, CA at the time and surprisingly there was one coming up only a few miles away!! I just knew if I could spend my day helping others find a lifestyle with less pain and more ease plus without having to sit at a desk for hours, I needed to do it. I put it on credit cards I probably shouldn't have but

I honestly didn't care, Power Pilates had opened a course in Irvine, Ca at House of Pilates, with their Teacher Trainer, Lisamay Scott, who was barely 5ft tall just like me!

I started my journey to become a Classical Power Pilates Instructor in March of 2013. Once I was certified in mat I was lucky enough to teach at CoreArts Pilates, House of Pilates, Irvine as well as D4 Dance Center in Irvine as a sub. This was all while still working my admin job during the day. My life quickly changed, with this certification I found my voice, I found a part of me I didn't know I needed. A confidence and truly my "powerhouse" way of being able to handle life, I was so quiet and soft spoken and too nice for my own good, Pilates helped me find a way to connect with myself while helping others find their inner badass to help their bodies support the lives they truly craved. I have never been pushed so hard in so many different ways to find the best version of my I could, the Power Pilates certification program is truly like no other, I am beyond blessed that was the one I chose.

Personally I knew, if I ever wanted to fully commit to this and build a solid clientele I would need to make my decision to move back to my home town before I fully committed to teaching Pilates full time. I was so lucky to find East Bay Pilates to continue my training in Northern California, the studio was then owned by Krisna Hanks and Robert Surenbroak, who was also a Power Pilates Teacher Trainer.

I was able to train and teach for my apprentice hours and hone in on my skills while continuing my observation hours and test preparations. I can't begin to express how blessed I have been to work with such amazing Master Pilates Instructors and Trainers, I truly use their training EVERY day I teach. I would also like to thank all the clients that came to me as an apprentice, helping me get all my hours and going along the ride with me while getting certified.

I was able to finish all my hours and conquer my final 600hour test out in August of 2014. Since then my pilates journey just continues to get better. I will write more blogs later for those of you interested in becoming certified, but a little secret I am in the process with Power Pilates to get certified as a Teacher Trainer, so I can be able to train Pilates Instructors and give back to this amazing industry in my own little way, stay tuned!!

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